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Last Weeks in TX – Austin, San Antonio & More!

The last few weeks in Austin…for serious?!?

While everyone we know seems to be in agreement that life moves faster as we grow old, packing up and moving every few months really highlights how quickly time flies.  Even more reason to enjoy every minute!

We came off our holiday kick and hit up San Antonio to meet up with our homeboy Abes.

SA 9

If you don’t know Abes, well he’s the man which was illustrated by him getting us a dope hotel room for free at the Grand Hyatt right off River Walk…Saweet!

While Abes was wrapping up with work stuff, Amy and I strolled about and hit up the cool/touristy spots San Antonio is known for:

SA 1

SA 2

SA 3


SA 7

River Walk

Once Abes was finished with work, we made a mandatory stop at a corner store to pick up pounders and lotto tickets being that the lottery was worth about a billion dollars at the time!

SA 8

From there we continued to romp around and own the city (or at least in our minds we did)

SA 4

The next week I headed down to Florida to spend time with Moshe and handle some biz.  Luckily, Rebecca was in town and we crewed up with Christina, Janet and Larry for some bomb Greek food at Greek Islands on A1A.


Meanwhile, Jeska and Amy were eating every single item on Uchi’s menu.


Literally – you don’t want to know what that bill was.

Once Amy and I were reunited in TX, we met up with Jordan and Jeska for our last real night out in Austin.  Thanks to Cmart we had an AMAZING  dinner at Foreign & Domestic.

F&D 2


From there we proceeded to rage at the Infected Mushroom show at the Vulcan Gas Company.

Infect 2

Infect 3

We did good for being out on a school night!

On our last weekend before dipping out of Texas we needed to get one more Wally hike in!  He took us and the pups for a beautiful scenic hike – wouldn’t expect anything less…


Really appreciative of the time we spent with the Walrus and looking forward to more good times in Montana when he comes through.

And of course, we could not leave Austin without trying The Picnic!

Food Truck 3

As you can see, this place is a playground of AMAZING food trucks in one area.

Amy was compelled to get one last Chi’lantro meal (I understand)

Food Truck 2

I read about a glorious truck called “Hey…You Gonna Eat or What?” and couldn’t pass it up.  Their altered version of a Reuben was insane!

Food Truck

Not to mention the hilarious punch lines all over the truck…HA!

On our last night we took a break from packing up and hit up The Mueller Café one last time.  $10 bottles of wine on Wednesday and really good brisket for a café attached to a supermarket, well we needed to say goodbye!

HEB-Last Night

Austin, it’s been more than real! We love this city and appreciate all the great times in TX.

Out Austin

On to the next one!