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Moab: Fisher Towers & Parriott Mesa

A quick weather check late last week promised a 70 degree weekend in the Moab, UT area and we quickly transitioned from snowboard mindset to hiking/camping mode.

The outing was inspired by our October excursion driving on Rt. 128 to Moab with my parents where the views were insane and there seemed to be endless outdoor options.

Fun Fact: Rt. 128 is also referred to the Cisco route because you pass by the abandoned town of Cisco.


The Plan: Drive to Fisher Towers, find a campsite and hike the Towers after setting up shop.  We decided against a dispersed camping option as the BLM authorities have discouraged it in the area.  Fortunately Lower Onion Creek Campground is an amazing option very close to the Fisher Towers trailhead.  (I would recommend against planning on staying at the Fisher Towers campground if you can avoid it)

Campground 4_MyMobileLife

That view!

Fisher Towers Hike

This is a 3-4 mile round trip hike, depending on how far you want to go.  While the official elevation isn’t too bad there are a lot of ups and downs.

Fisher Towers 3_MyMobileLife

What we really enjoyed was the variety of views that popped up around every corner.

Fisher Towers 5_MyMobileLife

Once we reached the sign for the “Titan” we posted up just off the trail and watched the climbers get to the top of this peak.

Fisher Towers 6_MyMobileLife

Fortunately we had binoculars with us and could see their triumphs along with hearing them celebrate when getting to the top.

Since we had Chica with us, the Titan sign was about as far as we could go.  To continue down the trail, climbing a fixed ladder is needed which is not dog friendly.

Desert Beach Day!

With extra time after our hike, we went back to camp and enjoyed a beach day on the Colorado River.

Beach 5_MyMobileLife

We literally had the beach to ourselves for a solid hour without seeing or hearing another human.  To be out in the Utah wilderness, looking at an incredibly diverse landscape and to feel completely alone…it was liberating!

Beach 3_MyMobileLife

Parriott Mesa

The next morning we enjoyed a superstar breakfast in paradise and headed off to our next challenge: Parriott Mesa.

Parriott Mesa 4_MyMobileLife

The hike is not long and the walk up wasn’t too strenuous.  That said, the trail is narrow with a very steep drop; it will definitely test your nerves.


Parriott Mesa 6_MyMobileLife

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah – AKA Westworld


This adventure was inspired by HBO’s “Westworld”.  The setting reminded us so much of Utah, and Google informed that it was shot just two hours away from us in Utah’s Dead Horse Point State Park.

Impulse started kicking in and fate played its course.  A beautiful mid 70’s weekend forecast was in store, and knowing that winter was near (being mid November) we absolutely had to see if this place was as cool as the show makes it look.

So we headed out Saturday morning and found an AWESOME primitive camping area along Long Canyon Road, just a few miles north of the Park’s entrance (right off of 313).

Arrive 1

After taking in the scene for a moment, we posted up and made some lunch before heading into the park for a look.

Arrive 2

Being that it was late afternoon and sunsets were getting to be earlier we decided to just have a quick look along the East Rim hiking trail and planned on heading back in the next day to explore some more.

ER 1

Yup, this was shaping up to be pretty, pretty awesome!

ER 2

Dead Horse Point Overlook

After a 3 mile round trip hike on the East Rim we headed back to camp to start dinner before it got dark.


We were in for a beautiful night!

This was the weekend of the Super Moon (11/2016), and in the desert, it was in full effect.

We slept in the next morning, munched out, and packed up before heading back into the park to do the entire hiking loop – West Rim to East Rim.

WR 1

WR 2

This park is absolutely gorgeous and the camping along Long Canyon Road is simply bananas.  Can’t wait for it to start getting warm out, cause we will be back there as soon as it does!

The Grand Tour with Mom & Dad

Taking advantage of the late start to winter, Moshe and Adrienne decided to pay us a visit in the last week of October to see what all the fuss over Western Colorado is about.  The fuss is not only the beauty of Palisade, but the proximity to such diverse landscapes; the mission was to show the parents as much as possible.

Utah – Moab & Arches National Park

On our first full day we rode west to Utah for a day trip to Arches and, thanks to the advice my awesome barber Earl, we took the incredible Scenic Byway 128 route which hugs the Colorado River all the way to Moab.


The scenery was Amazing and we stopped multiple times to take it in, and of course, snap a whole lot of pictures.




We arrived in Moab in time for lunch and enjoyed a fantastic meal at Eklecticafe before heading into Arches for the main event of the day – although one could argue the drive was equally incredible.


Arches is great for a day trip since it’s a relatively small park and a lot of ground can be covered.


We hit a number of iconic looks outs


and Mom couldn’t take enough pictures! (who can blame her?)


Local Fun in Palisade

It’s easy to get caught up in day trips and forget that Palisade/Grand Junction has so much to offer.  With that in mind, we made sure to give the parents a taste of our heaven and our first order of business was a tasting at Sprigs & Sprouts.


This place is awesome!  There are so many spreads and jams along with the huge selection of flavored oils and vinegars.

From there we had a quick stop to line our bellies before proceeding to sample the wine at Colterris.


Of course we had a look around the vineyard’s beautiful property and enjoyed the views of Mount Garfield.


The day finished with a bomb dinner at il Bistro Italiano which rivals South Philly Italian cuisine (almost…) and a trip the Brewery for the Halloween party.

Aspen/Maroon Bells

With solid desert days under our belts, our last foray drove home the diverse topography our location has to offer.  Just a two hour drive west brings us to the red desert of Moab Utah while driving two hours east brings us to the towering 14,000 ft mountains (14ers) in the White River National Forest.


We drove to Maroon Bells just east of Aspen which is touted as the most photographed place in Colorado.


Guess we can see why!

We walked around the short loop that provides incredible perspectives the of area.



After finishing our stroll, we headed into Aspen.


And sat down at the White House Tavern to an incredible experience.  Everything was amazing.  Kinda wanting to find a reason to get back to Aspen just to eat there again!


Colorado National Monument

On the last full day of their trip, Amy took Mom to the Monument to show her the amazingness that is just a 30 minute drive from our house.



Pretty successful trip!

Full Circle – Back to Palisade, CO

After a year + on the road during which we resided in Western Colorado, Austin Texas, The Central Coast of California and Northwestern Montana one idea became clear: going back to live in Philadelphia – or any major city for that matter – was NOT happening.

So we headed back to where the adventure began, a place that remained top of mind since we left it, Palisade Colorado.  Our two day drive from Montana took us through Utah where we spent a night and when we woke up, the sheer beauty of the sun rise confirmed that we were on the correct path.


There were definitely a lot of emotions as we neared the Colorado border.  The butterflies that accompanied us in the previous four transitions were not there as we rolled through familiar territory.  Did this mark the end of an era in our lifetime?  Were we really planning on moving to Palisade for the foreseeable future?  Three weeks into our stay and we still are not clear on all this, but one thing is for certain: seeing the Welcome to Colorado sign felt good!


Our first week consisted of unpacking, settling in and reuniting with the amazing friends we left exactly one year ago.  Then Amy was packing up to go to Florida for Ryder Love’s baby naming and I was on my own for a week.  Fortunately, there is plenty to do!  I got the camping gear together and headed to the Utah desert for a camping trip with Chica Bear.


We drove to Goblin Valley and posted up on Wild Horse Road near the Little Wile Horse Canyon trailhead.  While it was a beautiful night, next time I’ll scout for a site a bit further from the trailhead as a family of 14 decided to post up right next to me – there goes a quiet night in the desert.

The next morning we woke up, Chica ate some kibble and I enjoyed spaghetti and meat sauce left overs from the night before.  All fed, we were off to check out Little Wild Horse Canyon.


The plan was to do the 8 mile loop through Little Wild Horse and come back from Bell Canyon.  Unfortunately, there were very deep pools about half way into the hike and we had to head back the way we came.  Still an amazing experience!

On the way back home Chica and I decided to stop in Rabbit Valley where I saw signs for The Trail Through Time which piqued my interest.  Turns out this area has massive amounts of dinosaur fossils and in this picture you can see bones preserved in the rock.


On Sunday, we watched the Eagles game and after a stinging loss, hung out at the river beach right by our house.


Then I dropped an exhausted Chica back at the house and went to a desert party with Ashley and Dusty.  The picture doesn’t reflect how beautiful the night sky was, but you get the point.


Definitely getting used to country life.

Lake Powell, Utah

Packing up to leave Palisade just didn’t feel right and would have been super depressing if it wasn’t for our awesome friends inviting us to Lake Powell for our last weekend out west.  Knowing we were heading for a kickass time softened the blow – at least temporarily.

Leaving - Vehicle

Even the moon came up to bid us farewell.

Leaving - Mountain

Ok, this was like a kick in the nuts.

Leaving CO

The drive from Palisade to Powell was about 4 hours and every second was spectacular – Utah, you are beautiful!

Bullfrog Marina is where we posted up.



This trip actually worked out well since it shortened the drive to Santa Fe, where we would be staying to break up the ride to Austin, by a few hours.  Even if it didn’t though we would have went.  It was our good friend Ashley’s birthday and an impromptu goodbye party for us and another friend of theirs that was moving as well.  Not that this crew needed a reason to party.



Yes, the hula-hoops were put to use after a few drinks by the fire at night.


Normally we would have left Chica at the dogvacay spot, but had to bring her along since we were driving right from UT to NM.  Bringing her on the boat was a no go, so  Chica and I took a driving excursion along Burr Trail that brought us all the way through Capitol Reef National Park out to Escalante National Reserve



In hindsight I bit off more than I could chew having driven over 120 miles round trip with 40 being some pretty hard core 4 wheeling.  And yes, I got lost and had a freak-out moment.  But I’m alive, got to see some real dope scenery and definitely have improved my off-road driving skills.



As you can see, the views made getting lost in the desert a little more bearable.

While I was out tearing up the desert, Amy was touring and surfing Lake Powell.





Fortunately, Amber and Jeremy wanted another round of surfing before sunset and I got to head out on the water with them later in the day.  Many many thanks to you guys!

Now I know the Palisade/Junction crew aren’t all the biggest social media fans, but if y’all ever come across this, know that we will FOREVER appreciate the wide-open-arms welcome we received from you and all the good times.

Camping, Hiking, Canoeing w/ Josh, Gabe & Alex

As we wind down our stay in Colorado the goal is to go out with a bang and we certainly did this past week.

Homeboy Josh came through on Tuesday night staying to Saturday and Gabe & Alex came through Thursday night sticking around until Monday.  Naturally we got as much in as possible.  Only ill shit (inside joke).

Here’s the kicker, Amy had no idea Gabe and Alex were coming so there was elaborate scheming taking place in preparation.

Once the word was out Amy and Alex spent Thursday and Friday in Palisade.




The men rode out to Utah to camp in the Goblin Valley area Thursday night.  We drove out to Behind the Reef Road (off Temple Mountain Rd. past Goblin Valley Rd.) where there were multiple dispersed camping spots in the middle of nowhere; we were completely secluded!




On Friday the men rolled out to see Goblin Valley and then hit Arches National Park for a few hours on the way back to Palisade.




Ohhh but they day wasn’t over yet.  The crew (Amy, Alex, Mark, Josh, Gabe) rallied back in Palisade and geared up for a night on the town with “the trifecta” being the ultimate goal.  The trifecta is when you start a night out at the Brewery, move on to the Peach Street Distillers (the Still) and end at the Livery where the locals are surprisingly good at Karaoke.

No pictures from that night, but we want everyone to know that Josh got up there and did his thing on the mic.

Awesome night!

Saturday morning came quickly and we all loaded up to ride Josh out to the airport.  After dropping him off the remaining crew headed into Junction and ate a solid brunch at Bin 707.

With bellies full we cruised back to Palisade to get ready for an afternoon in Grand Mesa canoeing around Island Lake.





A nice relaxing day is what we all needed before Sundays hike.

Yes, this is all in less than a week’s time!  AND there is NO way Gabe and Alex come to Colorado and not see peaks!

We decided to hike to Geneva Lake.


This is a 4.2 mile round trip hike that elevates 1,300 ft taking us to about 11,000 ft.  The trail was relatively secluded because of the super-intense 7 mile off-road trail that leads to the trailhead.  Now that we’re all done with that ride, it’s safe to say I nearly shat my pants.

Well the ride was worth it – have a look:








The way down:




Someone’s having fun:


But wait!  We’re not done with the awesomeness.  Riding to the trailhead we passed through this tiny, in-the-middle-of-nowhere town called Marble where we saw a LEGIT BBQ spot.  Dinner debate was instantly over; after hiking we would dine at Slow Groovin BBQ.

FullSizeRender (13)




What a treat!

We finished the trip with a night of booze and cards and I’m not sure it could have gone any better.

Thanks for coming out gang!


On our last day of an action packed weekend we left Bryce and the Hoodoo’s and drove up to Goblin Valley via Rt. 12 a gorgeous scenic byway that cuts up north and intersects with Rt. 24 taking us through Capitol Reef National Park.

Capitol Reef

Wish we had more time to actually explore this place…guess we’ll just have to go back.

Final Stop: Goblin Valley State Park


We didn’t have a lot of time in Goblin, but in reality you don’t need it.  This DOES NOT mean that Goblin isn’t a worthy destination – it’s a must see!



And when you go to Goblin, don’t just take a picture from the viewpoint.  Get in there!







Waking up a second morning at our beautiful campsite in Zion was heaven; we didn’t want to leave, but we knew there was more to see.

Second Stop: Bryce Canyon National Park 

Driving from Zion to Bryce was a constant thrill, tons of beautiful and really diverse scenery.

The plan was to just drive through, check out the canyon and head on to Goblin Valley from there.  Once we arrived at Bryce it was already noon and there were surprisingly vacancy signs for the park campgrounds.  Not wanting to rush our exploration of the park we decided to spend the night and take on our second big hike in two days.


Fairyland Canyon Trail is listed as an 8 mile hike.  Instead of starting at the trailhead, the shuttle driver drove us up the paved road cutting 1.5 miles off which we were grateful for after having hiked a total of 11 miles at Zion.

Getting to the trailhead this is what we saw


This definitely does not suck.  All those formations by the way are called Hoodoos.

The trail takes you down into the canyon for a nice tour.







It was a tough hike because of the length and the fact that you need to climb about 2 miles back out of the canyon at a steep grade, but as you can see…totally worth it.

After the hike we were shot.  For a minute we contemplated doing another small hike after, but na.  We went back to camp and set up shop.


Typical organized campground with no privacy, but we were happy that we decided to post up in Bryce for the night; that hike was worth altering our plans.

After setting up shop we relaxed a bit, got some roadies together and walked out to Sunset Point which was only a 5 minute trek from the campground.





Yup, that was worth it.

Once the sun dropped low enough where the canyon was shaded we walked back to camp, got a fire going and grubbed up before laying down for an early night.



Labor Day Utah Trip (1 of 3)

Three National Parks (Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef)
Goblin Valley State Park
900 total driving miles
19 hiking miles

Part of the reason we decided to park it in Palisade (and the Western Slope in general) was its proximity to Utah.

Utah? Yes, Utah! Ever since we had a quick visit to Zion National Park a few years ago we vowed to get back there.

So, with a three day weekend and temperatures finally dropping below 100 we were off.

Fist Stop: Zion National Park 

After reading ahead of time that the campgrounds in the park fill up quick we decided to plan on camping in BLM (Bureau of Land Management).  BLM is public land open to all and finding campsites is as easy as finding a back road with fire rings.



As you can see, we found a gem of a campsite!  This place is located off of Smithsonian Butte National Backcountry Byway – GPS: 37.1514, -113.059 (since it’s not easy to find).  If you camp on this road stay patient and keep driving uphill until you see switchbacks that will lead to multiple existing campsites.

Going to Zion the next day we debated on hiking Angels Landing or Observation Point.  Guidance from the park ranger led us to choose the 8 mile, 2,100 ft climb up Observation Point.


Getting started we took a short detour to check out Weeping Rock:



Observation Point Hike:






Worth it!



Check out a portion of the trail – intense!


Hiking back down.




For our second night camping at Zion we went back to Smithsonian Butte Road and checked a few switchbacks to see if somehow a nicer campsite existed.  Nope!  We headed back to our first night campsite and it was taken.  All good, we kept driving down the path and found an even nicer spot!