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A Month in Limbo – Part 2 (The Caribbean!)

Our second action packed half of June was truly insane.  The fact all this happened in a two week period is mind blowing.  Crazy fun, but ready for a rest for sure.

On the logistical side we concluded the best course of action to travel 4000 miles to the U.S. Virgin Islands to celebrate Dan and Whitney’s wedding – while in transit to Flathead Valley, Montana – was this:


-10 hour drive from Oregon to Seattle 6/19

-Post up and work in SeaTac (right by Seattle’s airport) 6/19-6/21



We caught Becka and Joe wrapping up their time in Tacoma and got to hang out and meet their crew. So glad our travel overlapped!

-Fly to Florida 6/22 and crash with the parents

Prelude 2

-Fly to St. Thomas 6/23


View from our room – Nazareth Bay, St. Thomas

-Fly back to Florida and crash another night 6/27

Prelude 4

-Fly back to Seattle 6/28

-11 hour drive from Seattle to Big Arm, MT 6/29


Dan & Whitney’s USVI Wedding


lovely couple straight chillin’

Arriving a couple days before the wedding to the beautiful St. Thomas and seeing all of our closest friends was sensational.  Within 15 minutes of arrival we were in our bathing suits at the beach bar with the crew.


The following day was consumed by lying out on the beach and snorkeling some pretty nice reefs before heading to the rehearsal dinner (beach party).


College friends being college friends


Amy got some bride time

Wedding Day!


Not sure this scheme can be beat:

Boarding dinghies to get to our transportation to the wedding.


Yes, that’s right, we needed to get on a boat to get to the wedding ceremony.


I didn’t say it sucked, we had a blast!


We arrived at Salomon Bay on St. John, took the dinghies to shore and while waiting for all the dinghies to arrive, Sean did Sean things.


It was time.  Dan punched WAY above his weight and locked Whitney up for good.


So happy for you guys!

After Dan got hitched; a picture for the ages.


Then back on the dinghies for some more fun sailing around the Caribbean like we owned the place.


Great times!


To wrap up the day we ate and got into usual wedding stuff.  Speeches were made that are better off forgotten, people passed out in hammocks and overall, it was a memorable night that was just a bit fuzzy the next day.

Did you think that was all?

True to form, Dan and Whitney took it up yet another notch by treating their guests to an outstanding day on a catamaran for sightseeing and snorkeling in the Caribbean.


Of course, it was amazing and another day of incredible memories was created combining comradery and debauchery surrounded by the epic backdrop of the U.S. Virgin Islands.


And just like that it was over.  We came back in super chill mode.


Well that was a hell of a detour…On to our journey to Montana!

Thanksgiving in Tacoma, WA!

Not sure it gets better than Thanksgiving and this year our family had something extra special to be thankful for – Rebecca’s (AKA Captain Jackson) safe return from her oversees deployment.

With that, there was no choice; the family headed out to Tacoma, WA to celebrate her return.  Not that it was a tough sell, with Becka cooking and the beautiful WA scenery there wasn’t much that could keep us from going.

Our first day in Tacoma was spent taking in the views.  First was a pit stop to an awesome viewpoint of Mt. Rainier.



Ahhh how we’ve missed the mountains!

Next destination: Beautiful Point Defiance Park for more scenery and a mellow hike to work off the massive amounts of food we’d be consuming in the coming days.



After about a 3 mile hike or so, it was Beer O’clock and Becka took us to a lovely watering hole – Pint Defiance.  See what they did there 🙂


The selection was yummy!

Notice I haven’t mentioned anything about food yet?  That’s because we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and we certainly worked up an appetite.  Our 7:30 reservation at Dukes Chowder House couldn’t come fast enough.


Jordan and Jeska surprisingly made it to the restaurant before everyone and it was a good thing too because we were not waiting!  The crew together at last.


As for the grub, the name says it all, we munched out hard and the chowder was official!

Thanksgiving Day!

The pictures speak for themselves: cooking, booze, football and family.  Doesn’t get any better than this.




Those of you that have been following know that there is no way we pass on an opportunity to check out a National Park.  Becka being Becka was game too and Olympic NP being just a couple hours away was a no brainer.  Unfortunately, the north entrance to the park was closed due to weather – first time in history! – BUT we made the best of it utilizing the beautiful trails right outside the Park’s welcome center.


The trails were beautiful and even cooler, wildlife was abundant!


So grateful for this wonderful experience and such fun company.


See you again Washington!