Getting Started

Departing from Normalcy:

Life for my wife Amy and I is now a fun topic of conversation.  We’ve decided to pack up and hit the road indefinitely.

The plan is to get out of Dodge (yes I said that) – Philadelphia, PA – and visit these places:

Palisade, CO – July, 1 2015 – September, 31 2015 (booked)

Austin, TX – October, 1 2015 – January, 31 2016 (booked)

Ojai (Santa Barabara), CA – Waiting to get to Austin to book Ojai

Northern Washington State (British Colombia Border) – Summer 2016

Update (11/22/15):

Instead of Ojai, we chose to stay in Paso Robles, CA – February through May, 31 2016.

With June being a heavy travel month for weddings, the plan is to spend the month in Southern OR with Jordan and Jeska.

Northern WA has been replaced with Northern MT – July through September 2016.  Glacier National Park!  

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