Fruita – Mountain Biking w/ Jeska and Jordan!

Surprise! We got more visitors! For those of you who know my sister Jeska and her husband Jordan will appreciate how they squeezed in a trip to Palisade.

Jeska and Jordan were in New Orleans for an early Jeska birthday celebration.  Let’s just say one of them didn’t want the fun to end and they missed their flight back to Medford.  Luckily they have become masters in the art of having a Plan B and decided to rent a car and drive 6 hours to Houston to stay with some friends for the night.

In the morning, Jeska pulled the birthday card and said she wanted to spend her birthday with her sissy. I mean after all – Palisade is only a 19 hour drive from Houston, makes total sense! So they scratched their flight home and drove 19 hours to come see Mark and me for her birthday.

I don’t know how you celebrate birthdays in your family but the Jackson’s mean business and I had to scramble fast to get the proper birthday swag. Luckily my Momma J taught me well so it was a no brainer.

Birthday Sign and decorations – check.

jess bday sign

Homemade cake – check

birthday cake

Finally Jeska and Jordan arrived and we got the celebrations started!

jess arives to palisade

jeska birthday mark amy jess

The next day was Jeska’s actual birthday.  We drove up the Palisade Fruit and Wine Byway. and stopped at Colterris Winery for a tasting.

The Coral White Cabernet Sauvignon was really tasty!

For lunch we went to the Peach Street Taco Truck which just happens to be located directly next to the Distillery.  Naturally, we had to have a quick tasting while waiting for our order.

distilary tasting

distillary amy jess


Welcome to Fruita! Fruita is Jordan’s favorite place on earth. It’s known for Mountain Biking and Dinosaurs.

We rented some Yeti Mountain bikes from Colorado Backcountry Biker in downtown Fruita. The people there are awesome and they let you rent bikes for 24 hours.

We drove out to 18 road Trailhead. Jordan gave us a quick lesson on Mountain Biking and we were off! We went on diesel incline ride to get to the Mountain Biking trail, Kessel Run – highly recommend for first time Mountain bikers.

18 road amy jess jor

mark and jordan 18 road mountain biking

We all took a couple spills off the bikes but it’s not Mountain biking if you don’t walk away with a couple bumps and bruises!

mountain biking 18 road amy

We headed back to Fruita to grab a couple of beers from the Copper Club Brewing Company, which is Jordan’s favorite bar (mainly because all the beer taps are old bicycle parts) and he loves bicycles. The beer is really good too!

Food was also needed so we picked up dinner from No Coast Sushi(delicious)

The next morning Jordan woke us up at 6:30am so we could get one last bike ride in. We drove out to Kokopelli Trail which is a 142-mile multi-use trail in Colorado and Utah. It was early but the views were unbeatable and we had a blast!

kokapelli mountain trail amy jess

We had one last surprise visitor! Our friend Wally and his puppy Lilac were driving across CO and stayed for the night. Chica was happy to have a friend to play with!


One thought on “Fruita – Mountain Biking w/ Jeska and Jordan!”

  1. Thank goodness my sissy knows all about bday swag… She killed it on every level -!!! I was especially impressed that she was a total natural on the mountain bike…. Rolling right over things I was terrified of on my first handful of rides! I loved it all! Yeah sissy best and marky p!!! 🙂 I think there is a future ahead for all of us in co!!!

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