How & Why?!?!

Good fortune and timing along with balls of steel

The short of it is we have no kids, we love to travel, the present circumstances in life allowed us to do it and we followed through.

Amy and I are headhunters specializing in recruiting Executive Management, Sales, Field Engineering & Marketing talent in the Cloud/Infrastructure market AND we can do it anywhere we have access to internet and cell phones.

Amy started recruiting in 2006 and joined her brother-in-law’s new firm, Rayboy Insider Search in 2007.  At the time the CEO, Jordan Rayboy was circumventing a non-compete by driving around the country in a huge RV with his wife (Amy’s sister Jeska).

Jordan RV Pic

I started partnering with RayboyIS in 2011 and had an opportunity to experience Jordan’s mobile lifestyle, seeing the absolutely incredible sites the US has to offer in Upstate New York, Wyoming, Oregon, Nevada, California and Florida.

The travel bug existed prior to those adventures as Amy and I met in high school on a 7 week trip abroad to Israel.  Since meeting and maintaining a long distance relationship going for five years until Amy moved to Philly, we’ve traveled all over Thailand, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Israel.

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