Moab: Fisher Towers & Parriott Mesa

A quick weather check late last week promised a 70 degree weekend in the Moab, UT area and we quickly transitioned from snowboard mindset to hiking/camping mode.

The outing was inspired by our October excursion driving on Rt. 128 to Moab with my parents where the views were insane and there seemed to be endless outdoor options.

Fun Fact: Rt. 128 is also referred to the Cisco route because you pass by the abandoned town of Cisco.


The Plan: Drive to Fisher Towers, find a campsite and hike the Towers after setting up shop.  We decided against a dispersed camping option as the BLM authorities have discouraged it in the area.  Fortunately Lower Onion Creek Campground is an amazing option very close to the Fisher Towers trailhead.  (I would recommend against planning on staying at the Fisher Towers campground if you can avoid it)

Campground 4_MyMobileLife

That view!

Fisher Towers Hike

This is a 3-4 mile round trip hike, depending on how far you want to go.  While the official elevation isn’t too bad there are a lot of ups and downs.

Fisher Towers 3_MyMobileLife

What we really enjoyed was the variety of views that popped up around every corner.

Fisher Towers 5_MyMobileLife

Once we reached the sign for the “Titan” we posted up just off the trail and watched the climbers get to the top of this peak.

Fisher Towers 6_MyMobileLife

Fortunately we had binoculars with us and could see their triumphs along with hearing them celebrate when getting to the top.

Since we had Chica with us, the Titan sign was about as far as we could go.  To continue down the trail, climbing a fixed ladder is needed which is not dog friendly.

Desert Beach Day!

With extra time after our hike, we went back to camp and enjoyed a beach day on the Colorado River.

Beach 5_MyMobileLife

We literally had the beach to ourselves for a solid hour without seeing or hearing another human.  To be out in the Utah wilderness, looking at an incredibly diverse landscape and to feel completely alone…it was liberating!

Beach 3_MyMobileLife

Parriott Mesa

The next morning we enjoyed a superstar breakfast in paradise and headed off to our next challenge: Parriott Mesa.

Parriott Mesa 4_MyMobileLife

The hike is not long and the walk up wasn’t too strenuous.  That said, the trail is narrow with a very steep drop; it will definitely test your nerves.


Parriott Mesa 6_MyMobileLife

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