Central Coast Hosts SoCal – Dory, Sarah, Katie Visit


We said goodbye to an awesome month of March with a bang.  A very chilled out bang, but bang nonetheless.

Dory, Sarah and Katie rolled up from SoCal for the weekend and we were determined to show the crew why we’ve fallen head over heels in love with the Central Coast.

Hike 1

Not sure there is any better place than this!

If you’re following the blog, this site might look familiar.  We went back to the Ontario Ridge Trail; it is so beautiful we just needed to share it.

Hike 2

The initial climb to the top is pretty intense, but when you’re finished it’s all worth it.

Hike 3

And of course Sarah Sunshine added an extra layer of good vibes!

Hike 5

Strolling parallel to the Avila Beach coastline is unbelievable and we had a PERFECT day.

Hike 6

Hard to beat this view.

Hike 7

Even when facing away from the water the scenery is gorgeous.

After 5 miles, everyone was ready to take it down a notch and sample the grapes; a tip from a local landed us a Calcareous.

Cal 1

So glad we followed that advice!

Cal 2

This vineyard is incredible.  Situated at the top of a giant hill, the location embodies everything one would picture when imagining wine country.

Cal 7

There was no shortage of places to lounge and we took advantage of all of it.

Cal 3

We enjoyed hours of eating and drinking without a care in the world.

Cal 6


Cal 5

With time to spare before the wineries shut down (about 5pm) common sense dictated that we do another tasting.

Halter Ranch was just around the bend from Calcareous and, after such an enjoyable experience the last time we were there, visiting again was a no brainer.

Hal 1

The tasting was outstanding and the obligatory lounge session that followed was the perfect way to wind down our day.

Hal 2

While we were sitting back, Chica was on patrol.

Hal 3

We ended the day completely exhausted, grabbed a yummy dinner at Fish Gaucho and called it an early night.

The next morning we headed back to the coast to check out Morrow Bay before it was time to part ways.

Mor 1

We grabbed some food and strolled around a bit…enjoying every moment.

Mor 2

We were so pleased to host such special guests.  Nothing like having family in town.

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