San Francisco Shenanigans

A few months ago Shai told us he was going to be in San Francisco for a work conference and with us being under four hours away in Paso – fuhgeddaboudit – it wasn’t even a question that we’d be headed back up to see him.

Also, thanks to Facebook, we realized that Kay-D lived in San Francisco and seeing my former roommate from FL was an absolute must.  Yeh, this all came together nice.  Katie, brought her boy Josh and we met up for a tasty/authentic dinner at La Fusion – along with multiple bottles of wine – and then headed out for drinks.

Kay D

Great picture right?  Aside from all the beautiful people, the Russian couple that shot this were definitely pro’s.  The girl was shining her iPhone light on us and the guy snapped away till he got the perfect pic.  Thanks cool random people!

Katie: Calling you out girl – hope to see you and Josh for some primitive camping at Big Sur in May!

PCH & Redwoods

The next day was for us and Shai.  We were resolved to give Shai a taste of our adventure which started heading south towards Santa Cruz via Pacific Coast Highway; the scenery was of course gorgeous!

San Gregorio 1

San Gregorio

We stopped off at a number of spots including Half Moon Bay:

Half Moon

San Gregorio State Beach:

San Gregorio 2

Which was incredible!

San Gregorio 5

Buuut, walking back down was tough!  How do you muster the strength to leave a site like the one above?

Well leaving only sucked until we got to the next place.

Shark Fin Cove:

Beach 1

As you drive down PCH there are a ton of spots to pull off and take in the beautiful vistas so you need to be judicious, otherwise you’re stopping every 2 minutes.  We almost blew past the place above, but we all saw how official it looked, pulled a quick u-turn, and doubled back.

Once we parked  and got to the trailhead leading down to the cove, we knew it was worth it.

Beach 3

While there, the tide was rising and we couldn’t resist the temptation to take this series of pictures.

Beach 4

Beach 5

Beach 6

Beach 7

Shai and Amy got a bit wet, but who cares!  Look where we’re at!

Beach 8

Couldn’t help but post this video.  Really gives the whole picture.

After peeling away from this magical place, we drove through Santa Cruz and cut north up route 9 heading to Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

Redwood 1

Seeing Redwoods is always a pretty awesome experience.

Redwood 3

We took about a 3+ mile hike on a fairly empty trail enjoying these centuries old monsters.

Redwood 4

After a long day we rested and cleaned ourselves up before heading out to see Ran.  We met up for a bomb Italian dinner at La Briciola and, of course, Ran hooked it up by getting us in VIP to some fancy club in SoMa.

Ran 1

Yeh, needless to say we had a fun time.

Ran 2

On our last leg of a full on fun marathon we met up with Aloy and Erik.  I think last time Shai and Aloy saw each other was in our teens so that’s cool.

It started off by Erik and Aloy taking us up to Mt. Davidson.

Mt. Davidson 1

This place is awesome.  It’s the highest natural point in San Francisco and has an amazing view of, well, everything!

We had more outdoors activities planned, but we got rained out.  So, what do you do?  Only thing you can do: drink beer at an awesome brewery.

21st 1

If you know don’t know 21st Amendment by name, it’s the place that brews Hell or High Watermelon.

21st 2

They even give you a slice of watermelon when you order the drink…nice touch.

21st 3

There were so many yummy looking beers on the menu we couldn’t choose, so we each got a flight.  Makes sense, right?

We ended up hanging out there for a couple of hours shooting the breeze and just like that, it was time to take Shai to the airport.

Well, all good things come to an end…till next time that is.

Thanks to our family/San Francisco crew for making this trip sensational!

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