CA – More Central Coast, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop!

Having two weekends in a row to ourselves, we decided to take in all the amazingness the Central Coast has to offer…aaaand it’s a lot.

Since we arrived, we’ve been itching for a nice hike with beach vistas and fortunately for us, Avila Beach was under an hour drive.


Yup, just jump in the car, take an incredibly scenic drive south and you end up here.

There are a bunch of similar hikes in the vicinity, however surprisingly many of the public areas in CA are not dog friendly and no way Chica doesn’t roll with us.

So we found Ontario Ridge Trail and multiple connectors that allow for a nice 4.5-5 mile hike that begins at a gorgeous meadow.


Immediately upon arrival you’re tasked with a super steep climb.


And are rewarded with insane views!



The entire hike runs along a ridge parallel to the surreal beauty of coastline.


What an incredible day!

Glimpse into the Daily Routine:

As we labor on the phones between awesome weekends we’ve been making sure to enjoy the longer days with bike rides through the wineries along Linne Rd after work.


We’ve enjoyed the 16 mile round trip ride from home to Cass Winery and back.  3-4 of these so far and it hasn’t gotten old yet.

Of course, after we exercise, Chica gets out to the empty field by our house and gets to play too.


Wine Tasting:

Our second free weekend in a row was dedicated to sampling more wine and Halter Ranch came highly recommended.

Halter 1

We weren’t disappointed, the property was perfectly situated and the grapes were tasty.

Halter 5

In a nice turn of events, we met this group of amazing people that invited us to join their wine feast.

Halter 2

Definitely seasoned wine pro’s, they schooled us on how to properly prepare for a day  of tastings with yummy meats, cheeses, pasta’s and wine prepared ahead of time.

Halter 4

Not sure the day could have gotten any better…but it did!

On the way home we were passing by Adelaida Cellars (one of the wineries we really enjoyed on a previous foray into wine country) and had to get back to buy another couple bottles of their table wine, Recessed Red.

Adelaida 1

Really love the tasting experience at this place.

Life is good!

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