The Ride West


  • Get to Denver by evening time on 6/29 and spend 6/30 checking out the town with our friend that lives there.
  • Arrive at our new home in Palisade on 7/1

Straight shot West on Route 70 it was.  We left Philly at noon on Saturday, 6/27 and stopped in Columbus, OH for our first night’s rest after about 10 hours on the road.

HOLY SH*T!  This is actually happening.  We just left our life as we know it for an undetermined amount of time.

Day 2 on the road was great – the nerves subsided and my head was in the game.  We were plowing through the Gone Girl Audiobook and Amy was thrilled to be in the car away from the hectic mess that was our life in preparation of the trip.

Family on the road

We drove 14 hours from Columbus to Kansas City and finished the day munching out at Jack Stack BBQ.  This place is no joke and I will forever remember Burnt Tips!



Another 13 hours or so and we made it from Kansas City.  Denver’s a cool town: vibrant, clean, solid food scene, breweries and more!

Things to check out in Denver:

-Red Rocks: If you can get to a show, great!  If not, go anyway it’s gorgeous.

Red Rocks FamilyRed Rocks Theater





For my Vegi and Vegan friends City O’ City.  We are not vegan, but this food was amazing.

Great Divide Brewery

Linger Restaurant – Amazing.

Pablo’s Coffee Shop

We did all this in about 36 hours – not bad

We’ll be back Denver!

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