CA – The Central Coast

We continued our exploration of CA by getting on our first “legit” hike in the area, Bishop’s Peak.

Bishop 1

This is a super steep climb of about 950 feet in elevation over 3.5 miles.

Bishop 3

It was cool to see so many people out and active whether it was hiking or rock climbing.  We can see how the views make it hard to sit in the house though.

Bishop 2

Doesn’t hurt that it’s 70 degrees and sunny in February either.

Bishop 4

At the top we took a few minutes to lounge and take in the beauty.  We could even see a glimpse of the coast over the hills in the distance.  Amazing!
Bishop 5

After we finished our hike, we figured it would make sense to do some wine tastings.  It’s kind of hard not to when you have to pass by hundreds of them everywhere you go.

Wine 2

The next day’s weather proved to be perfect, again, so… lets just take an incredible 40 minute drive to the beach.

Beach 1

Now it just so happens, a stretch of beach near us is a dog beach.  Needless to say Chica was pumped.

Beach 3

This whole idea of us sitting out there, in the middle of February, on what could be considered an exotic beach is pretty sweet.

Beach 4

Everybody enjoyed and had a great time.

Beach 2

And of course on the way home, we passed countless wineries and decided to sample more of the local grapes.

Wine 1

Yup! Central Coast is official.

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