Central Coastin’ thru April – Part 1

After a wild two weekends in Philly, we dove head first back into the work week to finance the dream as we were headed for a string of three fun weekends in a row.

Kicking it off was a Saturday wine and beer tasting session with Aloy and Eric.


Thinking back to our visit to Calcareous with Dory and crew we felt obliged to share the beauty with our next guests.


Hard not to love this place.  We had a little bit to drink, some tasty charcuterie, and Amy’s pasta special.


Add awesome people, bellies full of wine and yummy food, and the backdrop, not sure there is a better moment in time than that.

After soaking it up to the fullest, we willed ourselves to leave this slice of heaven and sample more of what Paso Robeles’ Adalaida Wine Region had to offer.

We had a underwhelming tasting at Villa Creek so decided to go with what’s turned out to be our favorite vineyard: Adalaida Cellars.


They just opened their new tasting room and it’s insane!

We enjoyed a fantastic tasting.  And by fantastic it’s not just the wine.  Yes, the wine is good – really good – but as important, every person that’s poured for us has been amazing.


What is Amy doing you ask?  Being three tastings deep, we started to let  loose a little.


Yup, by let loose I mean funny air poses in Adelaida’s parking lot.


Eric wins.

We wrapped up a great day sampling beer at Firestone Walker Brewery.

On Sunday morning.  We grabbed brunch at one of our go to spots, La Cosecha, and saw Aloy and Eric off.  We were so happy to be able to chill with them one more time while in CA.

BUT that’s not the end; we weren’t done after their departure.  As Aloy and Eric left, Jordan and Jeska arrived in Paso to hang out and work for the week.

It was awesome having them in town for so long.  We were able to share the normal routine we established with family which was fun.


Here we took Jeska on our after work walk through the vineyards near our house.

And a major bonus was having them during Passover.


Our mothers were so happy we did a Seder.

During the week we were all pounding out phone calls, but obviously made the most of our time together.  We all took a gorgeous bike ride through the vineyards near our house on Linne Rd. and had a fantastic dinner at a farm to table spot called Thomas Hill Organics.


The dinner was out of this world good.

After a solid week of work (and fun) we hit the coast and had a day at the beach.


If you know us and the Rayboy’s, a dog beach was basically a must with their wolf pack and our Chica Bear.



To wrap up the day we hit Morro Bay for lunch.  Another must visit location when visiting the Central Coast.


After getting it in for a week+, Jordan and Jess headed up to OR while we enjoyed a bike ride through wine country, stopping at Cass Winery for lunch as  we wound down the weekend.


Cali life is pretty awesome!


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