Grand Mesa National Forest

While Palisade is awesome, it is HOT during the summer months – average of mid nineties during the day!  Fortunately you can drive 45 minutes east and be on what seems to be a different planet.  Rather than desert canyons you have elevated mountains that are 25 degrees cooler with lush tress and glacial lakes.

In case you missed the making it happen page, we chose Palisade because its proximity such diverse landscapes:

-Travel 45 minutes + east, you’re in forested mountains with tons of lakes and hot springs.

-Drive west and you’re in the desert enjoying spectacular views such as the Colorado National Monument, Arches National Park and a ridiculous awesome list of so much more.  Just keep following and you’ll see.

Today we chose to hike Mesa Grande area to beat the heat AND because Chica is allowed to hike with us.  Check out some of the pictures below!

Amy Grand Mesa View

View on the way up to Mesa Lake

Mesa Lake

Mesa Lake

Mark Lost LakeGrand Mesa Lost Lake

A solid 1.5 miles up the mountain from Mesa Lake we found Lost Lake!

There are many hiking options in the area.  We kept it tame, and are planning on getting into hiking shape so we can crush some more diesel hikes.

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