Austin Amusement – Amy’s Birthday Weekend!

With the ACL music festival happening our first two weekends, we avoided the madness of Zilker Park.  Now that it was over we were free to venture out to that beautiful part of the city and fortunately, we had a tour guide!

Wally, who stayed with us in Palisade along with his Doberman, Lilac knows every inch of Austin and its beautiful outdoors activities; the man actually cleared his own trails in the area for more peaceful hiking.  Who better to go with…our first hike in Austin was fantastic!

1- Walley Hike

2 - Walley Hike

On the way out to meet Wally we noticed that we passed Chuy’s – legendary Tex-Mex.  So on the way home it was a foregone conclusion that we’d have to stop there to replenish some calories after the hike.

3 - Chuy's

4 - Chuy's

5 - Chuy's

Place is classic.

The hike was a nice warm up for the busy and active weekend we had teed up for Amy’s birthday.

On Saturday we rented a canoe from Rowing Dock and enjoyed a nice few hours on the Colorado River or what locals call Lady Bird or Town Lake.

6 - Lake

It was awesome to be outdoors and seeing so many other people enjoying such a beautiful day.

7 - Lake

There were some pretty official houses on the edge of the cliff overlooking the river; what do these people do to afford that??

8 - Lake

After about three hours on the canoe we both worked up quite an appetite and headed to Chi’lantro to get their famed Kimchi fries along with some pretty awesome tasting tacos and wings.

9 - Chi'Lantro

Chi’lantro we will be back!

On the eve of Amy’s birthday we were home playing backgammon and gearing up to get to bed early so we would feel good for our planned hike the next day.  Waking up the next morning and getting ready for this hike felt great.  We both thanked our past selves for making the right call and not getting banged up the night before Amy’s big day.  Hello 32…

While there are not nearly as many options as Colorado for some solid hiking, Austin has an impressive amount of choices for a big city.  We chose a relatively challenging hike – RiverPlace Nature Trail – which was about 6 miles of constant incline and decline.

10 - Hike

11 - Hike

We were both grateful to have gotten back out into the nature.

After a few hours resting up we got ready for our dinner reservations at Uchiko.

12 - Bday

Girl is looking good at 32!

We heard great things about Uchiko; it is a spinoff of Uchi where we ate a few years ago so we knew it would be good.  The restaurant being completely packed on a Sunday night confirmed our optimism before we had a single bite.

13 - Bday

Be ready to drop some doe if you hit this place up.  That said, you get what you pay for; the food was delicious!

We had one more obligation to fulfill in this jam packed few days and that was Monday Night Football – Eagles v Giants baby.  Since we don’t have cable at our rental, there was no option except heading back to Mr. Tramps.

If you didn’t read the last post, this place is an awesome Philadelphia Eagles bar.  So awesome in fact, it gives you an option to order a cheesesteak in two different ways: Geno’s or Pat’s.  Only problem is they don’t know how to spell Geno’s!

14 - Mr Tramps

Amazing week, incredible town and killer eats.  Oh yeh, the Eagles won!

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