Final Weeks on the Central Coast

Our final full weekend in Paso was perfect.  Dory came up from SoCal to effectively see us off and we made sure to go out strong sampling our favorite vineyards, eating delicious food and enjoying the outdoors.

Immediately upon Dory’s arrival we headed out to Sculpterra for a tasting and after getting our bellies nice and primed, the evening quickly merged into the night where we enjoyed yummy cocktails at one of our favorites, The Hatch.  For dinner we decided to try La Cosecha which had been our go to for brunch and we were not disappointed.  The night gets bit blurry from there and looking back we realized there were no pictures taken.

While the effects of the night before were taking its toll, the gorgeous Saturday morning did a lot to dull the pain and we decided to sweat it out by climbing Cerro Alto.


The hike was strenuous, but since we had made the climb a few weeks ago we were able to pace the 2,600 ft. ascent.


The summit was worth the trip.



To reward ourselves for a climb well done, we headed to the Adelaida region for a tasting at Kukkula and left there with a bottle of Sisu for the steak dinner that was to come.


We ended a fantastic day with bellies full of wine and perfectly cooked Rib Eye & Tenderloin.  Life is good.

Before we knew it, the weekend was coming to an end and we ate some bomb Mexican at Habaneros prior to Dory heading back down to SoCal…couldn’t let him go on an empty stomach!

The Final Week

Just as we have experienced with the previous departures from CO and TX, the final week is awkward.  Since packing doesn’t take too long we live as if nothing is about to change and all the while there’s that nagging knowledge that EVERYTHING will be totally different in a week’s time.

But we made the most of it living as normally as possible and taking in the routines we’d become accustomed to during our stay including one of our favorites: the afternoon walk through the Vineyards by our house.


There were many establishments we didn’t get to try during our stay, but we decided to enjoy our favorite staples for the last time, notably Adelaida Cellars, The Hatch and Fish Gaucho.


And before we knew it, it was time to pack up; the fact we were leaving just got real.


Just like that, this portion of the journey has ended.


We’ve come full circle departing as we arrived: car packed, trailer in tow and on to the next adventure.  Bitter sweet is the only way to describe it.

So grateful for this experience.  The Central Coast is a magical place and El Paso de Robles will be forever dear to our hearts.

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