A Month in Limbo – Part 1

Our strategy for this adventure is to maintain a semblance of normalcy so we can stay focused on recruiting.  The key is to ensure a stable living situation for a period of time (3-4 months) that allows us to settle in and get to know our new surroundings.

Well that all blew up when we were invited to three very special weddings over a four week span in June.  Cue the silver lining:  Jordan and Jeska’s spot in Southern OR is literally on the way to our next long term stay in Big Arm, Montana AND Jeska is about to have a kid; a baby shower was in order.

So the planning commenced.  It was decided I will rep the Sasson’s at Steve and Seth’s wedding in Philadelphia while Amy helped coordinate and host a shower for Jeska.

So it goes…

Southern OR

Driving from CA to OR was fantastic.  It was an easy one day (11 hour) drive where we would see California’s large hills give way to snowcap mountains as we rode north toward Oregon.

Ride Up

The Rayboys were incredible hosts giving us free reign of their beautiful property and we took advantage:

Fresh eggs every morning from the chicken coup


A monster climb to the top of the mountain – destination Yurt


Chica especially enjoyed cooling off in the pond. 


And of course, you ain’t living country till you’re riding an ATV and getting your feet muddy.  Amy lost her sandal in the muck – RIP sandal.


One of the best perks is being able to make recruit calls together.  The view from the office wasn’t terrible either.


Other Country Activities

Pig Roast

Pig Roast

Wine tasting at Troon

Wine Tasting

East Bound

Three full days in OR in the books and it was time for me to fly east to see our friends get married.  I would have 5 nights in a row sleeping in 5 different beds.

The trip kicked off getting in to Nick’s late Thursday night, picking up my tux from Gabe and Alex’s early Friday and riding up to Aunt Debs to work for the day before heading to Steve’s rehearsal dinner.  And then of course the wedding!

Steve Wedding

Congrats to an incredible couple!

I spent the week between weddings working from Gabe’s and catching up with friends – old and new.

new friend

Chillin’ with Steph and Zoe!

Then it was time for shenanigans.


Really enjoyed spending time with these newly civilized hooligans.


What’s he mean by newly civilized? You’ll notice the crew thinned out quite a bit.  Five years ago everyone would have stayed out late on a work night and demolished steaks instead of rushing home to get to bed before 11.


After nearly a year without seeing the Tornado (Elana) I decided to combine customer meetings with play and take a trip to NY.

Josh and I riding through Prospect Park


From there we met up with untamed hooligans for some BBQ at Fette Sau


And before I knew it, it was Saturday and time to get back to Philly for Seth’s wedding.


Good times.

wedding crew

Did 10 days go by already? It was time to leave Philly and embark on a 12 hour travel day back to Oregon, but not before a yummy Ramen meal in China Town.


Meanwhile back in OR

In my absence, Amy held it down in OR:

The Jackson girls were united

Pic 1

Pic 2

An epic baby shower went down


And Amy got to spend mommy time with Chica Bear.


This place is called Pacifica and is so close to the Rayboy Mountain.  Beautiful!


Had 6 full days left back in OR before the second crazy portion of our month in limbo and we intended to enjoy every minute.

Bike tour of Williams.

Bike 1

Bike 2

Southern Oregon in the summer is perfect!

And just like that it was time to pack up and head to Seattle for Part 2.


Till next time Oregon!


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